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Gama, Gratis, Goody, Gruff Connan Bohemia - 22.2.2002
dam: Garri Vikar
female Gama - HD a-normal
female Gratis - HD a-normal
male Goody - HD a-fast normal
male Gruff - own. Gregor Dudák (SK),
HD A, IPO3, SchH3, Kkl. 2, 5CX5/55P

Dracula and his owner were very successful couple in cynology biathlon.
male Dracula Connan Bohemia - 29.9.1996 (+2002)
dam: Dixi z Kamky
Belgium 2000 - 8th place
Swiss Open - 2nd place + 2nd place of teams
Belgium 2001 - 7th place + 2nd place of teams
NATO Trial Germany 2002 - 8th place + 2nd place of teams
Europeah Region biathlon Hradek n. Nisou (CZ) - 2.nd place + 1st place of teams

Italy, Participant of World championship
male Bastor Connan Bohemia
dam: Dixi z Kainarova dvora

Czech Champion of Championship of Youth, ZPS 1, IPO 3, SchH 3, ZVV 2, FH 1
female Airy Nebesky jezdec - 24.1.2001
dam: Arma Lotar

male Ardos JM Animals - 24.1.2001
dam: Daisy z Atarova dvora