News 20/12/2007

On December 1, 2007 was held National Dogshow in Nowa Ruda (Poland). It was last this year's show for us. Nowa Ruda is near our place so I netered 6 my dogs including my "queen" La Perla because she is always very sad when I leave to show without her.

The show was opened at 10 o'clock AM but I and my friend Dita went out from home already after 7 AM to get some time to arrange all our dogs. After arrival to fairground we were nice surprised at heated hall, because last years there was terrible coldness. There were registered 38 yorkshires judged by Mrs. Jadwiga Niciewicz, so again judge which doesn't judged our yorkshires never before.

Puppy class won our Domingo Bakarat and got Very promising 1st, Puppy Class Winner.
Domingo Bakarat Domingo Bakarat

In intermediate class Dita exhibited Huragane Bakarat, which in competition of 6 males won and got Exc. 1, CWC.
Huragane Bakarat Huragane Bakarat

Valentino vom WoogthalI came up to open class with male Valentino v. Woogthal and I was very curious how he will appeal to. In this class competed six males with very well-balanced qualities so judge let us still walk. Valentino didn't disappoint me again and won this class - Exc. 1, CWC. He needs only one CWC to become Poland, but he will must wait for it to next show season. It is just unbelievable - two weeks in new home, two shows, two triumphs ... I'm very glad that I wasn't wrong in his qualities and I thing "dear Valentino" that your owner Lenka is very pleased by this too.
Valentino vom Woogthal

In junior class got Excellent young female out of our breeding Prima Donna Nové Kasio, which very liked and got very nice judgement.
Prima Donna Nové Kasio Prima Donna Nové Kasio

I was little bit vexed for second placo of our female Cordoba Bakarat, because she needs only one CWC to completed conditions for Champion of Poland. But it happens and everybody can not win.
Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat

ICH. La Perla Bakarat won champions class, got Exc. 1, CWC and in the end Best female of breed - BOS.
ICH. La Perla Bakarat ICH. La Perla Bakarat

All time spent with us our friend Marcela Podrazilová, which showed her female Face To Face Bohemia Platina in intermediate class and got Excellent 2nd. Big congratulation to both.

I'm very pleased that we closed this year's show season with those successes and I hope that new year 2008 will bring a lot of beatiful experiences with our fourleg friends.

News 21/11/2007

On November weekend of 17 - 18, 2007 was held in Kielce (PL) International Dogshow. It was last this year's CACIB show so we could not forego it :o) There competed respectable number of yorkshires 131 and that is why they were divided to two rings. Males were judged by Mr. Tomasz Borkowski (PL) and females judged Mr. Andras Korozs (H). Both judges we met in ring first time so we were curious how they will like our dogs.

Weather wasn't nice so we with my friend Dita Navrátilova decided hit the road already in friday. We spent night in my friend's home in Krakow and in the morning we went to Kielce. I was nice surpriced because show halls were heaten what was very comfortable for us and our dogs.

First of all I showed my favourite Domingo Bakarat in puppy class. "Domino", as we call him, exhibited himself as professional and got very promising 1, Best Puppy.
Domingo Bakarat Domingo Bakarat

Valentino vom WoogthalIn open males class I showed new male borrowed from Germany VALENTINO vom WOOGTHAL, whose his owner brought to me on Thursday evening before show. I was in fear how we will behave after so short time and how he will be at show without his owner. In his class competed 13 dogs so I was curious how we get on. Valentino showed himself very nice as in static checking as in movement. He was choosed to narrower selection on 8 dogs. Then started fight for winners. Valentino got between 4 best. Judge made long decision and I was really nervous, but I believed that fortune will not leave us! Finally Valentino - Excellent 1, CWC!!!!!!

In the meantime started competition in open females class so at the beginning my friend Dita had to Ve supply me. Then I took my Cordobou Bakarat from Dita to static checking. Cordoba showed herself really superbly and got Excellent 2. In that kind of competition it is really big success.
Cordoba Bakarat

A few words at the conclusion …………. it was very nice show, full of indescribable moments of triumphs and results of our dogs, at what I'm very proud because they didn't lost in competition like there was!

Because of very bad weather and terrible mist we had to spend night near Katowice so we got home not until Sunday afternoon. My big thank belongs to my husband which does help me with all and without him I could not attend to my hobby. Next I must thank my friend Dita which is big standby for me and splendind photographer.

News 13/11/2007

We have puppies!! See new pictures of our actuall litter R and S.

I thank Koziar family from Germany for sending us picture of male Noppi Nove Kasio, which got 2x CAJC and Jugendsieger till this time. Noppi is son of our Talizman Bakarat and Miss Foto Bakarat
Noppi Nové Kasio

News 25/10/2007

Last September Saturday 29/9/2007 we spent in Wroclaw (PL) where took place International Dogshow. To Wroclaw went with me my friend and excellent photographer Dita Navrátilová and first time Mrs. Hanka Hrdlickova, owner of male CH. Frupper Inn Yoki-Go. All show I spent in company of my good friend Mrs. Anna Zwolinska, owner of kennel Bakarat. It was very nice Saturday with pleasant friends.

There competed 105 yorkshires, judged by Mrs. Olga Dolejsova. In puppy class I showed our young male Bentley v. Conny's Eck, which got very promising 1.
Bentley v. Conny's Eck

In puppy females class got Prima Donna Nové Kasio Very promising 2.
Prima Donna Nové Kasio

In open class competed female Cordoba Bakarat and got Excellent and ICH. La Perla Bakarat got Excellent 2, and R. CACIB in champions class.
ICH. La Perla Bakarat ICH. La Perla Bakarat

Male of Hanka Hrdlickova got in open class Excellent 2.

To Wroclaw I went with 4 yorkshires but from Wroclaw I brought 6 dogs! Yes, Mrs. Anna Zwolinska lent me again two beautiful males, 14 months old Huragane Bakarat ...
Huragane Bakarat Huragane Bakarat

... and 7 months old Domingo Bakarat.
Domingo Bakarat Domingo Bakarat

Both you can see in Our males section. Anna, thank you very much for them!!!!!

News 25/9/2007

On September 15th, 2007 was held in Mlada Boleslav (CZ) CLub Show of I. CZYT Club. There were registered 10 yorkshires, judged by Mr. Reiner Jacobs from Germany.

To Mlada Boleslav accompanied me my friend Mrs. Dita Navratilova as every time. She showed male Christian Dior Bakarat in intermediate class because his new owner Mrs. Lenka Zemkova couldn't participate. Christian got Excellent 3rd and by this he completed conditions for Club Champion. Congratulations!
Christian Dior Bakarat

I showed Gain the Day Bohemia Platina in intermediate females class and Cordoba Bakarat in open females class. Both got Excellent. Thereby Cordoba completed Club Juniorchampion and Club Champion.
Gain the Day Bohemia Platina Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat

Best pleasure made me our youngest female which was first time in show ring. Prima Donna Nové Kasio got very promising 2nd rate in competition of 8 females in puppy class.
Prima Donna Nové Kasio
On September 16th, 2007 took place in Dolni Benesov Regional Dogshow. There competed two our offspring In puppy class competed firs time female Queen Marry Nove Kasio and got very promising 1st rate and nice judgement.
Queen Marry Nove Kasio

Open males class won Ingo Nove Kasio (own. Mrs. Veverkova) and from final confrontation he took Regional Winner. Bog congratulation to both and thank Mrs. Jitka Strelcova (owner of Queen Marry) for results sending.

News 19/9/2007

Saturday 8/9/2007 we spent in Brno (CZ) where took place National Dogshow. There was registered 27 yorkshires, judged by Mr. Leos Jancik. To Brno went with me my friend and excellent photographer Dita Navrátilová again and for the first time Mrs. Lenka Zemková, new owner of our Christian Dior Bakarat. In the place of show we met Na výstavišti na nás čekali Mr. and Mrs. Matik, owners of female CH. Maryon Nové Kasio ...

Here are results of ouf dogs:
Christian Dior Bakarat got in intermediate males class rate Excellent 2nd.
Gain the Day Bohemia Platina in the age of 15 months got Exc. 2nd, R. CAC in intermediate females class.
Gain The Day Bohemia Platina
Cordoba Bakarat as in previous two shows got Exc. 1st, CAC in open females class. It's her third CAC in current show season and she need just one to complete conditions for Czech Champion. But she must wait till next season.
Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat s rozhodčím naše výprava
CH. Maryon Nové Kasio got Exc. 1st, CAC in winner females class thereby she started Czech Champion.

I congratulate to both and look forward for next reunion because it was very nice spent time with good friends. My thanks belongs to Dita and Lenka - my indispensable helpers.

News 7/9/2007

September 1, 2007 - first September's Saturday we spent in Mlada Boleslav (CZ) where took place International Dogshow. We went from our homes on early morning accompanied by rainy weather. I write "we" because with me took part there two my friends Mrs. Dita Navrátilova and Mrs. Marcela Podrazilova. In Mlada Boleslav competed 50 yorkshires, judged by Mrs. Olda Dolejsova (CZ). I entered my 5 months old Bentley to puppy class. I was curious how he will behave on his first show. I must say I was very nice suprised how he presented - mainly walk on leash. Bentley got very nice judgement and rate Very Promising 1st.

My female Cordoba Bakarat competed first time in open class with 8 other females. She won this class and got Exc. 1st, CAC and in final confrontation she got R. CACIB!
Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat Bentley, Cordoba and I

I thak very much Dita for nice pictures, but mainly for help with presentation of my dogs!!!

My big thank also belongs to judge Mrs. Dolejsova.
I with Cordoba and judge
On September 2nd, 2007 came to us very nice message which made us very happy!
In german Talheim was held Special Show. Our kennel was represented by male Noppi Nové Kasio (own. Silke Koziar) - Exc. 1st, CAJC in junior class and female CH. Maryon Nové Kasio in champions class - Exc. 1, VDH, CYT, R. CAC (own. Iveta Matikova). Thank you Iveta for nice pictures and big congratulation to both!
Maryon Nové Kasio Maryon Nové Kasio Maryon Nové Kasio

News 8/8/2007

On July 21, 2007 took place in Mlada Boleslav (CZ) National Dogshow. 60 yorkshires were judged by Mrs. O. Dolejsova (CZ). My friend Dita Navratilova went there with us, thanks her you can look very nice pictures she made. I showed only female Cordoba Bakarat with hope that we take CAC and "start" Czech Champion.

Cordoba competed in intermediate class with other six females. After "statics" she was choosen between four best females and then came our happy moment and judge gave Excellent 1st, CAC to Cordoba!! So Czech Champion is started ...
Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat

News 29/7/2007

Maryon and Iveta on holiday in BulgariaMaryon Nové Kasio (in right) - BOBOur kennel has new CHAMPION!!! We got this very happy news from our friend Iveta Matikova, owner of Maryon Nové Kasio. During vacation they participated in three dogshows in Bulgaria. First was CACIB Varna 21/7, where they got Exc. 1, CAC, R. CACIB. Second was National Dogshow in Varna on July 25 with rate for Maryon Exc. 2, R. CAC and third and the best was International Dogshow in Varna on July 28 with results CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOG!!! So Maryon completed Champion of Bulgaria and Champion of Balkan. "Iveta, big, big congratulation for you and Maryon. I am so happy and proud because you made "big hit" in that kind competition as was Russia (Mini Shop), France (Pam Pommeraie) etc. ..."

News 20/7/2007

From July 17, 2007 we have borrowed to our kennel new stud male PONTIAC BAKARAT from Poland. His father is CH. Jenghis de Penghibur (littermate of World Winner Jofi) which sired 50 champions till now. Mother is CH. Rajska Panna Bakarat, out of which are two known males CH. Mini Moris Bakarat and CH. Made In Bakarat.

Pontiac is smaller dog with happy character, weighs 2,2 kg, with silky coat, very nice tergal line and long neck.

News 16/7/2007

At the weekend of July 5-8, 2007 we had planned to visit two dog shows. First was Specialty of CMKCHYT Club in Horepnik (CZ) on July 6th. There competed our young Gain the Day Bohemia Platina, but without me. On Friday I gave her to my friend Marcela Podrazilova, which took her to Horepnik where waited for her other my friend and Gain's breeder in one person Mrs. Ingrid Dedkova. Gain competed in young females class, where she fought through 18 females to "short list" of 6 best females and got rate Excellent. She was showed by Jitka Ernestova with which Gain met first time on show, but both made it just excellent! After show took place there breeding show where Gain was classed as brood bitch.

Thereby I want thank so much breeder Mrs. Ingrid Dedkova and Jitka Ernestova for help at breeding show as well as for perfect showing in ring at Specialty. It is perfect to have friends like them. Ingrid and Jitka I really appreciate it!

On Saturday I and my husband made a dash for far Warszawa in Poland. There took place International Show and we had planned to visit our friend Mrs. Anna Zwolinska. We took with us our young girls Prima Donna and Perla Phantasie to try show world. I hope they will follow accomplishments of their mother La Perla.

Show took place on Sunday July 8 and competed 119 yorkshires judged by Mrs. Dorota Witkowska - females intermediate, open and champions and Mr. Robert Kanas from Slovakia judged other classes. Intermediate females class won sister of our Cordoba - Cosa Nostra Bakarat, open females class won our Missisipi Bakarat (29 females competed) and ICH. La Perla Bakarat won at champion females class. CACIB duel won Missisipi and R. CACIB got La Perla.
ICH. La Perla Bakarat ICH. La Perla Bakarat ICH. La Perla Bakarat and Missisipi Bakarat
I mustn't forget big success of CH. Oceanic Bakarat, which won champion males class and then got R. CACIB. We hope that his offspring in Czech republic will be successful as he was.

It was very nice meeting with our friends and I hope we meet them next time.

News 4/7/2007

We made some pictures of our Bentley. I hope you will like him!

June 24, 2007 - in austrian Enzersdorf took place Speciat Terriers show. In intermediate class competed female out of our breeding Maryon Nové Kasio. She got Excellent 1 and CAC again. Big congratulations to Iveta and Maryon!

News 24/6/2007

We got some pictures from Mrs. Maskova from Sokolov (CZ), which bred her female to Ch. Oceanic Bakarat. See what a beautiful female she chose to keep.

News 21/6/2007

On June 16, 2007 was hold in Dresden (D) National Show. Our breeding was presented there by female Maryon Nové Kasio (own. Matikova) which got Excellent 1, CAC VDH in intermediate class. Big big congratulations!

News 12/6/2007

June 9, 2007 - Eurodog Show - Zagreb - Croatia. 144 yorkshires registered. Judges: Mr. HANS VAN DEN BERG (NL) males classes, Mrs. MIRJANA KRSTIC ARBANAS (HR) females classes, Mr. Dusan Paunovic (SRB) baby, puppy and veteran classes.

At this show competed three of our dogs. ICH. La Perla Bakarat - champions class, Cordoba Bakarat and Christian Dior Bakarat - young classes (showed by Veronika Bystrianska). Cordoba was choosen between best six from 22 females. Christian Dior got into "short list" of eight best males from competition of 25. All of our dogs got rate EXCELLENT. All the way to Zagreb was very hot weather so we look forward for time we rest.

Many thaks to Mrs. Monika Olczak, kennel Liberi Gaias for very nice pictures of ICh. La Perla Bakarat and Cordoba Bakarat.
ICH. La Perla Bakarat ICH. La Perla Bakarat ICH. La Perla Bakarat ICH. La Perla Bakarat
ICH. La Perla Bakarat ICH. La Perla Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat

News 6/6/2007

On June 3, 2007 I imported new puppy male named BENTLEY out of parents which both are champions. BENTLEY's father is very nice male with perfect backbone line Ch. WHIRLWINDS HIGH HOPES (Ch. Am., Can., Lux., Swe., Rom.) see I very hapy to have him and I hope he will grow up very well and will be contribution for our breeding.

We will bring pictures and pedigree as far as he little bit grow.

On Sunday I, Dita and Marcela went to Walbrzych in Poland where was held National Show. There were showed 27 yorkshires judged by Mrs. E. Chwalibog.

This day was very hot weather so we found shady place where we spent most of the day.
Our young female Gain the Day Bohemia Platina was showed first time. She competed in young class handled by friend Marcela Podrazilová. In this class competed 5 females, some of them won several times so I was very curious how they manage with. Judge choosen to narrower selection our Gain and other 3 females and started selection of winner. Gain showed herself very nice and it brought her first victory. She got Exc. 1, CAJC and BEST JUNIOR. I thank Marcela for nice presentation, I'm pleased with it!!!

I showed Cordoba Bakarat in intermediate class. She got Exc. 1, CWC.
Cordoba Bakarat

Her brother Christian Dior Bakarat took Exc. 1, CWC in intermediate males class too. Thanks to Ms. Veronika Bystrianska for perfect presentation.

In open class fought Dita with Happi od Pekelské brány. Result of their competiton - Exc. 1, CWC.
Happi od Pekelské brány

And then comparison for total winner started. There took part female from intermediate, open and champion classes. Youngest of them, our Cordoba won NSwR!!!!!! Now only one CWC suffices for completed conditions for Poland Champion!
Cordoba a Gain Věra a Marcela

19-20/5/2007 – Our Christian Dior Bakarat took part in National Dog Show in croatian Samobor. On Saturday he got Exc. 1, CAC and on Sunday again Exc. 1, CAC. Veronika Bystrianska showed him, I thank her very much.

13/5/2007 National Show was held in Jelenia Gora (PL), judge Mrs. M. Swieton, competed 35 yorkshires. Our females achieved:
Cordoba Bakarat - Exc. 2 in intermediate class.
ICH. La Perla Bakarat - Exc. 1, CWC in champions class.
I showed Happi od Pekelské brány (own. Dita Navratilova). She got Exc. 2 in open class.

News 30/5/2007

On Saturday of May 5, 2007 I and my friend Dita Navratilova went at two o'clock AM to Lodz in Poland where was held International Dog Show. After six hours of car ride we finally got to exhibition ground. Show rings were placed outside and grass plot was not trim well and this was not very good for yorkshires. Some of them had very long coat over their legs so in the grass they steped on end of their hair. There were registered almost record number of yorkies - 130, judged by Leos Jancik from Czech Republic.

In intermediate class I showed female Cordoba Bakarat, which competed with 39 females and got among first six best females and got rate Excellent.

In champion class confirmed her qualities our ICH. La Perla Bakarat and got Exc. 1, CWC, CACIB, NSwR. At the conclusion she fought with very nice imported american male Ch. Sameday Right of Way Depasquiet and got BOB.

Herewith I want to thank judge Mr. Jancik for judging which I very appreciate. In afternoon shows Perla took 3rd place in FCI IIIrd group. It was very exciting because terriers group was judged Mr. Luis Pinto Teixeira from Portugal. He very highlighted Perla's excellent coat quality, nice type and excellent movement.

Further I thank Veronika for nice showing of our Christian Dior, which got Excellent 3rd in intermediate class and Dita which presented daughter of our Talisman Happi od Pekelské brány, which got Excellent 3rd too.

News 28/5/2007

On April 28, were in Prague (CZ) International Dog Show. Judge of yorkshires was Mr. Pavol Seman from Slovakia. Our Christian Dior Bakarat was showed by Miss Veronika Bystrianska. In the age of 15 months he got rate Excellent 2nd, R. CAC in intermediate class. My big thanks belong to wonderful handler Veronika Bystrianska for nice presentation of Christian.

News 17/5/2007

Weekend of April 28 - 29, 2007 was very very exacting …

On Saturday od April 28 I and my friend Marcela Podrazilova went to Opole in Poland where took place International Dog Show. There Cordoba Bakaratwere registered 97 yorkshires judge by Mrs. Lavinia Steer from Romania.

I showed young 15 months old female Cordoba Bakarat in intermediate class in big competition of 21 females. Cordoba was youngest in class but yet judge choosen her to eight best females, later also between 4 nicest females. Judge let us walk again and again ... final result for Cordoba - Exc. 1, CWC attended by audience applause. I had indescribable joy.

Further I showed in open class female Happi od Pekelské brány which presented herself very nice even without her owner because she prepared in my home my dogs on Sunday Show in Prague. Unfortunately only one little step missed for victory and Happi got Excellent 2nd in competition of 17 females.
Happi od Pekelské brány

CH. La Perla BakaratCH. La Perla BakaratBest thing came in the end ... I entered with CH. La Perla Bakarat champion class, I was very nervous. Perla needed to get last CACIB to completed conditions for INTERCHAMPION. Decision didn't take to much time and Perla won champion class - Exc. 1, CWC. To CACIB competition came both my females Cordoba Bakarat and CH. La Perla Bakarat. My friend Marcela hat to take Cordoba and I showed Perla. Judgement: Perla got longed-for CACIB and thereby she completed conditions for INTERCHAMPION!!! As it were not enough Perla got BOB and in the end she won whole IIIrd FCI group - BOG. In Sunday I had to continue for Best in Show, but unfortunately I choosen next show in Prague ...

On Sunday I with friend Dita showed my dogs in Prague on Club Show of CMKCHYT, judged by Aneta Sobkowska-Dopierala from Poland. Results of our dogs: Ch. Oceanic Bakarat - Exc. 3, Missisipi Bakarat - Exc. 3, Cordoba Bakarat - Excellent, Christian Dior Bakarat - Exc. 4 and ICH. La Perla Bakarat - Exc. 1, Honorary Class Winner.

In the end I must express big big thanks to my friends Marcela Podrazilova and Dita Navratilova. "Girls I didn't manage it without you! Thank you so much!"

News 30/4/2007

International Show OPOLE on April 28th, 2007 - big success of our two females, daughters of wonderful mother Ch. Romantika Bakarat.

CH. La Perla Bakarat repeated last year's victory - got Exc. 1, CWC, CACIB, NSwR, BOB, BOG and completed conditions for INTERCHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her younger sister Cordoba Bakarat was youngest female in intermadiate class and in the age of 15 months won this class - Exc. 1, CWC in competition of 22 females!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reportage and picture coming soon.

News 27/4/2007

April 22, 2007 – took place in Lublin (PL) National Show, where competed 81 yorkshires judged by Mrs. Magdalena Kozlowska.
Christian Dior Bakarat got in intermediate class Exc. 1 and CWC (at 15 months of age). He was showed by Miss Veronika Bystrianská. Thank you very much Veronika.


Weekend of April 14 - 15, 2007 was our most successful weekend till this time.
On Saturday I and Jana Dytrychova went to austrian Wieselburg where took place International Show. Judge Mrs. Heidi Kirschbichler (A). CH. Oceanic Bakarat got Exc. 1, CAC, R. CACIB, CH. La Perla Bakarat - Exc. 2, R. CAC and Missisipi Bakarat took 4th place - Excellent 4th. I would want to thank to my friends Dita and Jana for help with my dogs.

On this Saturday was another show too. National Show in Ostrava (CZ). Christian Dior Bakarat got in intermediate class Excellent 3rd. Thank to Veronika Bystrianska for nice presentation.

And next message we got from Mrs. Matikova. Her Maryon Nove Kasio competed on Special Show in Erfurt (D) with result Exc 1, CAC VDH and Kft. ieg congratulation to both!!!!

On Sunday of April 15 took place in Papa (HU) National Show. Our Christian Dior Bakarat with Veronika and Alena Bystrianska got Exc. 1, CAC! Many thanks to you. I'm very happy.

From April 6, we OFFER FOR STUD our new stud male - Christian Dior Bakarat - till this time he got 2x Exc. 1, CAC, CWC. Christian is son of very nice ICH. Hunderwood Revolution Man and beautiful CH. Romantika Bakarat. She gave very nice offsprin till now: CH. La Perla Bakarat, ICH. Lady Punk Bakarat, CH. La Rosa Bakarat, JCH. Blue Romantic Bakarat, Klubový JCH. Blue Commander Bakarat and Katowice Winner 2007, BOB J - Cordoba Bakarat, sister of Christian Diora.

News 20/4/2007

Weekend of 24-25/3/2007 I and my friend Dita Navratilova spent time in Prague (CZ). On Saturday 24/3 we participated in breeding evaluation of our YT Club (CMKCHYT). I had there Cordoba Bakarat, Missisipi Bakarat and Mrówka ze Zgierza. Dita let evaluate her female Tanja Anezob. All four females are brood females now.

After evaluation we went to hotel Svornost to pass the night. On Sunday took place Club Show of YT Club there. Judged by Mrs. Bozena Ovesna. This show little disappointed me, but unfortunately every judge - another opinion. I'm little bit irk that our yorkies won abroad and in our country we aren't succeed so. As though our country has been elf-struck for us! In champions class introduced oneself CH. PL a JCH. Lux. Oceanic Bakarat and got rate Excellent 2nd, Junior Winner of Katowice 2007 - Cordoba Bakarat got Excellent 4th and Missisipi Bakarat got Excellent 4th too.
Oceanic Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat Missisipi Bakarat

I would like to congratulate Mrs. Matikova and Maryon Nove Kasio, for very nice rating in intermediate class - Exc. 2nd, R. CAC ...
Maryon Nové Kasio Maryon Nové Kasio
... and of course Dita Navratilova with daughter of our Talizman Bakarat - Happi od Pekelske brany which fought out in open class rate Exc. 2nd, R. CAC. Thanks so much for nice presentation of our kennel.
Happi od Pekelské brány

News 20/3/2007

We got nice e-mail from Mrs. Matikova and her female Maryon Nove Kasio. On March 17, 2007 she was classed as brood female and on Sunday March 18, 2007 won open class on Special Terriers Show in german Chemnitz - Exc. 1, CAC, Dt. Ch. VDH. Judge was Mr. R. Jacobs. Big congratulation and thanks for great presentation!

News 18/3/2007

International Dog Show in Katowice (PL) - March 16, 2007. It was our first show for this year. As usual there were many entered dogs, yorkshires were 105, judged by Mrs. Malgorzata Zakrzewska.
In young males class was our Christian Dior Bakarat chosen into five best dogs and in the end got Excellent.
Christian Dior Bakarat Christian Dior Bakarat
Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba BakaratIn young females class I showed his sister Cordoba Bakarat. In this class competed 25 females. After static view judge chosen us to first ten females and fight for rank started. We got to four best and I did hope inwardly that …….. and finall decision for Cordoba - Excellent 1, CAJC and in the end of show BEST JUNIOR OF THE BREED!!!!
Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba v porovnání o nejlepšího mladého jedince plemene.
I'm pleased with it and hope that Cordoba will be as successful as her sister Ch. La Perla Bakarat is. I cann´t forget for female Missisipi Bakarat - she was in intermediate females class between eight best females (competed 29 females).
Missisipi Bakarat
In open class showed my friend Mrs. Dita Navratilova daughter of our Talizman - Happi od Pekelske brany and got Excellent 4th from 14 competed females.
Happi od Pekelské brány
I want to thank very much to my friends Mrs. Dita Navratilova and Mrs. Marcela Podrazilova for helping me with adjustment of dogs. I hope we will go on next shows together again.

News 13/3/2007

To puppies website were added new pictures of sire of our litter P (mother CH. La Perla Bakarat) - ICH. MCH. Parkside's Best Choice.
ICH. MCH. Parkside's Best Choice

News 7/3/2007

We took pictures of litter Q puppies ... you can see puppies HERE.

News 5/3/2007

On March 3rd, 2007 visited us Mrs. Kopecka and her male Niki Ray Nové Kasio, so we took a few pictures and added them to our offspring page. Thanks a lot for perfect care about Niki and hope that every our puppy get new owner as Mrs. Kopecka is.

*** Further we made website with progeny of our Talizman Bakarat. ***

News 1/3/2007

Pictures of litter "P" puppies added ...

News 26/2/2007

On February 24, 2007 was in Glachau (Germany) Special YT Show. Judge was Mrs. Agnes Ganami Kertes from Israel. Our offspring female Maryon Nove Kasio, got in young class Exc. 1, CAJC, Jugendsiegerin. Thank for this nice message to Mrs. Matikova (owner of Maryon) and big big congratulations!

News 7/2/2007

On Puppies page you can find informations about our two new litters ...

News 14/1/2007

On January 12th, 2007 National Show took place in Olomouc. Good news from this show we got from beginner exhibitor Mrs. Matíková, owner of female Maryon Nove Kasio. In competition of 13 females in young class she got Excellent 4th rate. Congratulation!

News 9/1/2007

Meet our new addition, female Gain The Day Bohemia Platina. See her website ...

News 6/1/2007

On January 1, 2007 we got nice picture from Koziar family from Germany with our offspring Noppi Nove Kasio and their only one month old daughter Sarah. Thanks a lot and congratulation to beautiful girl. We wish you all the best!!

News 3/1/2007

We added new pictures to websites of Ch. Oceanic Bakarat, JCh. Talisman Bakarat and Mrówka ze Zgierza.

2006 and 2005 reports were moved HERE.