News 18/12/2008

December 13, 2008 Dogshow in Minsk, Belorussia. Our CH. Valentino vom Woogthal won and got new, his fourth, championship and became CHAMPION OF BELORUSSIA!!! Valentino was presented by Angelika Gorbachewska.
Valentino vom Woogthal Valentino vom Woogthal

November 29, 2008 National Dogshow Kaliningrad, Russia. Valentino took next success and got CHAMPIONSHIP OF RUSSIA!!! I thank very much my friend Angelika for presentation and care devoted to Valentino.
Valentino vom Woogthal Valentino vom Woogthal


News 10/12/2008

November 15, 2008 International Dogshow Prague (CZ)
That Saturday we - Dita, Lenka and me - went to Prague where took place International Dogshow which was last dogshow of this season in Czech republic. Entered 56 yorkshires judged by Mr. Jakub Tvrdik (CZ). There was with us Marcela Zarubova, owner of beautiful Pepsi Colla Nove Kasio.

I registered two dogs Ch. Valentina vom Woogthal and Pepsi Collu Nové Kasio ...

First competed Valentino at champion class (6 males) and got Exc. 2, R. CAC and nice judgement.
Valentino vom Woogthal Valentino vom Woogthal

At intermediate females class I showed Pepsi Colla got Exc. 2, R. CAC. This is her third second place and I hope next year she won some first places :o))
Pepsi Colla Nové Kasio Pepsi Colla Nové Kasio Pepsi Colla Nové Kasio Pepsi Colla Nové Kasio
Pepsi Colla Nové Kasio Pepsi Colla Nové Kasio

To this show I took our new hopeful male Avanti Bakarat. He did try walk in show ring for the first time and I have to say he like it very much. I am very eager for 2009 dogshow season and I wish him only winning placements in his show career!
Avanti Bakarat Avanti Bakarat Avanti Bakarat

In the and I want to thank Marcela Zarubova for nice pictures, Dita and Lenka for help me with our dogs and judge too for nice comments and approach to showed dogs.

November 8 - 9, 2008 - Our next dogshow was International Dogshow in Poznan (PL). There were with me my friend Dita Navrátilová and our new friend Angelika Gorbachewska from Russia. Winner of Poland 2008 was possible to obtaing at this show and even Championship of Poland if dog already was champion of another country.

Entered 96 yorkshires judged by Mrs. Dorota Witkowska from Poland. First competed JCH. Domingo Bakarat at intermediate class and he got Exc. 1, CWC and R. CACIB. So he need only last CWC for Championship of Poland, but he must wait until next year. It's great how much victories he won this year till his 19 months of age. For me he is little dog with big heart!
Domingo Bakarat Domingo Bakarat Domingo Bakarat

At intermediate females class presented herself very nice female out of our breeding Pepsi Colla Nove Kasio, which got Excellent 2 in competition of 16 females.

Her sister owned by our kennel CH. Prima Donnu competed at champion females class. To our pleasure she won and got Exc. 1, CWC and became CHAMPION OF POLAND!!!! She is two countries champion in her 22 months of age!
Prima Donna Nové Kasio

After show we said goodbay to Angelika which had long way to Kaliningrad. Me and Dita spent night at Poznan and to our homes we returned next day afternoon.


News 24/11/2008

October 11 - 12, 2008 - this weekend we went to Poland to town Legionowo where took place National Dogshow. Because Legionowo is near Warszaw we did combine this show with trip to our friends Anna Zwolinska and married couple Bralczyk.

We left our home at Saturday noon and to Warszaw we get in the evening same day. There waited for us Agnieszka and Maciej Bralczyk. We spent with them very nice evening in stylish restaurant. Than we went to our hotel and next day morning we took the road to Legionowo. There competed 55 yorkshires, judged by Mrs. Bozena Kowalska-Malitka.

At intermediate males class competed JCH. Domingo Bakarat with result Exc. 1, CWC, Best adult male in breed.

Domingo Bakarat Domingo Bakarat Domingo Bakarat

First time traveled with us female out of our breeding Pepsi Colla Nové Kasio (own. Mrs. Marcela Zarubova). She competed at intermediate females class and got Exc. 2 (competed 11 females).
Pepsi Colla Nové Kasio

Her sister Prima Donna Nove Kasio won champion females class and got Exc. 1, CWC, Best adult female in breed. To BOB competition had to take part my husband too which showed Domingo Bakarat - they took BOS. I showed Prima Donna and she became Best Of Breed - BOB.
Prima Donna Nové Kasio Prima Donna Nové Kasio Prima Donna Nové Kasio Prima Donna Nové Kasio Prima Donna Nové Kasio

Most beautiful thing happened at the end. I and Prima entered numerous IIIrd FCI group - terriers. Judge for this competition was Mr. Avi Marshak from Israel. First we got to short list of 4 best ones and when at ring we stayed with only one dog, my heart thumped very strong. Final decision for only 22 months old Prima Donna Nove Kasio - Best of Group 1st place!!!! It was beautiful feeling all the more she comes out of our breeding.
Prima Donna Nové Kasio Prima Donna Nové Kasio

We left Legionowo happy and full of beautiful impressions and aimed to Anna Zwolinska, which expected us in her dog saloon. After nice sitting we went to our home with one more ….. dog. We took from Anna new nice male AVANTI BAKARAT. Avanti is son of frech stud Back a Winner du Gue De'L Adour and grandson of World Winner Whirwinds High Hopes. Avanti's mother is CH. La Paloma Bakarat, which is mother of two very successful dogs - ICH. Everest Bakarat and CH. Edison Bakarat.
Avanti Bakarat Avanti Bakarat Avanti Bakarat


News 20/11/2008

On October 3 - 5, 2008 took place Eurodogshow in Budapest (H). We left our homes on October 2nd - Lenka Zemkova, Dita Navrátilova, I and our four yorkshires. Night we spent in Komarno (SK) in hotel Bowgarden, which is 5 minutes car ride to hungarian border. Because all our way was very bad weather - rain and mist so we got to hotel as late as 23 o'clock. I must say that it was most beautiful hotel where I slept. Nice rooms with beautiful bathrrom and pleasant staff.
hotel hotel hotel hotel
hotel hotel in room in room

I had to bath Dmy Domingo so I got to bad at 1 AM and at 5 AM already alarm-clock woke us. At seven we arriwed to Budapest.

Eurodogshow entered 207 yorkshires. Judges was three - pups and juniors Petru Muntean (RO), females Kenneth Edh (S) and males Walter Jungblud (D).

Female Prima Donna Nove Kasio, at competition of 13 females got Excellent 3rd!!!!
Prima Donna Nové Kasio Prima Donna Nové Kasio

Domingo Bakarat got from 25 males in class between best 7 males and got Excellent. At champions classes represented us Ch. Valentino vom Woogthal and Ch. Cordoba Bakarat. Both competed in big competitons (over 20 dogs at class) so I was very glad that both got Excellent.
Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat Valentino vom Woogthal Valentino vom Woogthal

After show we went back to our hotel where we spent very nice evening with good food and drink and ..... men's striptease as nightly surprise :o)) On Saturday we rode back to our home. It was really nice show and pleasant trip.


Valentino and CordobaNews 20/10/2008

September 28, 2008 - our next show where we presened our dogs was International Dogshow in Ceske Budejovice (CZ). Judge was Mr. Leos Jancik (CZ), 26 yorkshires entered. On this show went with me my friends Lenka Zemkova and Marcela Podrazilova. I showed my two champions Ch. Cordoba Bakarat and Ch. Valentino vom Woogthal. And here are their results ………

Ch. Valentino vom Woogthal got Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS and Cordoba Bakarat took Exc. 1, CAC and completed conditions for Czech Champion !!!
Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat Cordoba Bakarat Valentino vom Woogthal Valentino vom Woogthal

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

BIG SUCCESSES OF OUR JCH. DOMINGO BAKARAT, which competed successfuly at three shows in Poland!!!

On August 31st, 2008 - International Dogshow Bialystok, judge Mr. Milivoje Urosevic from Serbia. Domingo got Exc. 1, CAJC and NJwR. It is his third polish CAJC and so he completed JUNIORCHAMPION OF POLAND. Big, big thanks to Mrs. Anna Zwolinska (co-owner of Domingo) for perfect presentationí!!!

Next show was held POLISH CLUB SHOW OF YORKSHIRE TERRIERS in Warsaw on September 12th, judge was Mr. Peter Green from USA. 71 yorkshires enty. Domingo got Exc. 1, CAJC, JUNIOR CLUB WINNER OF POLAND 2008 and in the end BOB!!! At final competition he became 2nd BIS Junior and Vice BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!!!!

On September 13th he participated at National Dogshow in Warsaw where judge was Mr. Zygmunt Jakubowski. And Domingo - Exc. 1, CAJC, Best Junior of Breed and IIIrd BIS Junior !!!

I want thank so much Anna Zwolinska for handling of Domingo and I very congratulate her to obtaining of BEST KENNEL OF POLAND 2008!!! In my opinion she deserve this award for breeding of so many beautifu yorkshires!
Domingo Bakarat Domingo Bakarat Domingo Bakarat


News 3/9/2008

July 12, 2008 we spent at Club Show hosted by Bohemian and Moravian Club of Yorkshire Terriers Breeders (CMKCHYT) in Zeliv u Pelhrimova (CZ). This was first dogshow in Czech republic where we competed this year. Judged Mrs. Catherine Lebret fro France, entered 91 yorkshires. Except Czech exhibitors competed dogs from Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Hungary, France and Germany.

Here are results of our dogs …

Domingo Bakarat at junior class (7 dogs) got Excellent 1, CAJC!!!
Domingo Bakarat Domingo Bakarat

At open class competed 10 males and our CH. Valentino vom Woogthal got Excellent 1, CAC and started Czech Championship. His victory very pleased me all the more, because there was Valentino's owner Lenka Zemkova to see her dog. I'm very glad that we didn't disappoint her.
Valentino vom Woogthal

Biggest pleasure made me our 18 months old female Prima Donna Nove Kasio, who competed at intermediate class. In strong competition of 11 females she proved by her mettled movement and perfect presentation to fight Excellent 1, CAC and started Czech Championship.
Prima Donna Nove Kasio Prima Donna Nove Kasio

It was really beautiful dogshow, full of impressions, supplemented by meetings with known breeders and triple victory of our nice Yorkshires. I am very proud of my dogs, because they really succeed in showing this years.

On this occasion was held breed evaluation. Three beautiful daughters of our ICH. La Perla Bakarat were classed as brood bitches - Prima Donna Nove Kasio, Perla Phantasie Nove Kasio, Palomina Nove Kasio and our young male Domingo Bakarat as stud dog.
Prima Donna Nove Kasio Perla Phantazie Nove Kasio Palomina Nove Kasio

August 3, 2008 - National Dogshow in Legnica (PL), where went with me my mother and our three yorkshires. Entered 30 yorkshires, judged by Mr. Stanislav Bucko (SK).

For the first time I showed 6 months old male Talisman Nove Kasio at puppy class. Talisman is son of Ch. Valentino vom Woogthal and Gain the Day Bohemia Platina. He presented himself like experienced professional and got Best Puppy. Competed 3 males.
Talisman Nove Kasio

At intermediate males class Domingo Bakarat got Excellent 1, CWC and started Polish Championship. At intermediate females class out Prima Donna Nove Kasio got Excellent 2 in competition of 5 females.

9. - 10.8.2008 se konala dvoudenní výstava v Montenegru, kam cestoval náš Ch. Valentino vom Woogthal s Veronikou a Alenou Bystrianskou. V sobotu v Nikšiči posuzoval pan Milivoje Uroševič (SRB), od kterého si Valentino přivezl ocenění V1, CAC, R. CACIB a v neděli v Danilovgradu získal od Miljka Bulajice (MNE) ocenění V1, CAC a tím splnil podmínky pro udělení nového titulu - ŠAMPION MONTENEGRA!!! Moc děkuji Veronice a Aleně za skvělé předvedení a prezentaci našeho Valdíka. Holky, patří vám můj velký obdiv a ještě větší DÍKY !!!

On August 9th - 10th, 2008 took place two days' dogshow in Montenegro, where traveled our CH. Valentino vom Woogthal with Veronika and Alena Bystrianska. On Saturday in Niksic judged Mr. Milivoje Urosevic (SRB) and Valentino got Excellent 1, CAC, R. CACIB. On Sunday in Danilovgrad Valentino got Excellent 1, CAC and completed conditions for Champion of Montenegro!!!! Judge Mr. Miljko Bulajic (MNE).

Girls, big thanks again for perfect presentation our Valentino.
Valentino vom Woogthal with Veronika Bystrianska Valentino vom Woogthal with Veronika Bystrianska

Prima Donna Nove Kasio August 23 - 24, 2008 - This weekend our Prima Donna Nove Kasio with my friend and excellent handler Veronika Bystrianska went to far Serbia.

On Saturday at International Dogshow in Uzice got Prima Donna Excellent 1, CAC at intermediate class. The she beat her competitress from open class and from champion class too and got her first CACIB and BOS. Judge Mr. Milan Dosen.

On Sunday at National Dogshow in Arilje judged Mr. Nesic Gorica and Prima Donna got Excellent 1, CAC and completed conditions for Serbian Champion!!!!!!

I must thank Veronika for her help, perfect professional work with my Prima Donna. Veronika, I very appreciate it and I'm sure that Prima Donna would thank you too. So we thank you both through those rows.


News 11/7/2008
On June 8 National Dogshow was held in Walbrzych in Poland, where I went with my friend Dita.

Though Walbrzych is abroad it is near our homes so we entered 6 our yorkshires. Preparations took us all Saturday and we did hope that our yorkshires will be liked by judge. At this show competed 25 yorkshire terriers judged by Mr. Malgorzata Lula (PL).

First competed Domingo Bakarat at junior males class with result Excellent 1st, CAJC, Best Junior. At finals he placed as 2nd BIS Junior.
Domingo Bakarat Domingo Bakarat - II. BIS Junior Domingo Bakarat - II. BIS Junior Domingo Bakarat - II. BIS Junior

At open males class our CH. Valentino vom Woogthal got Excellent 1st, CWC and then Best Male of the Breed.

Our yorkie girls had big success too … see yourself ...

Our 17 months old female Prima Donna Nove Kasio won intermediate class - Exc. 1st, CWC and started Championship of Poland.
Prima Donna Nové Kasio  - Exc. 1, CAJC Prima Donna Nové Kasio  - Exc. 1, CAJC

Biggest pleasure I had because of placement of our Cordoba Bakarat, which won open class, got Exc. 1st, CWC and completed conditions for Polish Champion!!!!
Cordoba Bakarat - CWC - Champion of Poland  completed

Champion females class was again won by our ICH. La Perla Bakarat. She got Exc. 1st, CWC. Comparing for Best Female of the Breed entered three our females: victress of intermediate class Prima Donna Nové Kasio, victress of open class Cordoba Bakarat and La Perla Bakarat which won this competition and became Best Female. She advanced to BOB final against CH. Valentino vom Woogthal. Judge tended to Perla, so she got her next BOB.
ICH. La Perla Bakarat ICH. La Perla Bakarat

Domingo - CAJC, Best JUNIOR , II. BIS Junior. Valentino  -  CWC, NDPwR, BOS and  Perla  BOBI was very proud that our dogs competed successfully again in addition at judge we didn't met yet. Obtaining 1x CAJC, BEST JUNIOR, II. BIS JUNIOR, 4x CWC, Best male, Best female, BOB at one show confirmed again our dogs qualities (in my opinion). I must not forget about placement of female out of our kennel Santa Fe Nové Kasio, which got Very Promising 2nd at puppy class. I Congratulate her owner Dita Navratilova.

News 8/7/2008

ICH. La Perla Bakarat  - CWC, BOB, BOG, BIS31/5 - 1/6/2008 BIG SUCCESS OF OUR INTERCHAMPION LA PERLA BAKARAT!!!! She took highest show title BEST IN SHOW from International Dogshow placed held in Lesino (PL). Entered 2158 dogs - 90 yorkshires.

Yorkshires judged Mr. Walter Jungblut from Germany, which should judge yorkshire males classes at this year's European Dogshow in Budapest so I was really curious how he will like our yorkshires.

CACIB Prestige Leszno 2008After our arrival on fairground was clear for us that we can wait very muggy weather so we went directly to yorkshires ring. We put up tent, gathered there all our things and started preparation of our dogs. Judging had to start from 10 o'clock and approximately ten minutes before ten ten organizers announced, that Yorkshires will be judged on opposite side of fairground than we were. So we had to move things including tent and our five dogs. I wonder even now that I got together with all my things and I'm really grateful for help to my friend Dita, without which I din't know what to do in this situation. Sweating we got to right place where exhibition already begun.

First I showed my male Domingo Bakarat. In competition of 10 males at junior class he got Excellent 2nd.
Domingo Bakarat Domingo Bakarat

At open males class our new champion Valentino vom Woogthal took Excellent 4th in competition of 20 males.

Our females competed at intermediate, open and champions classes. Prima Donna Nové Kasio (intermed.) and Cordoba Bakarat (open) took both Excellent. Our "beauty" Perla won champions class and got Exc. 1st, CWC then CACIB. In finals she beat best male and took BOB. My pleasure was huge but I had no idea what waits for me …
ICH. La Perla Bakarat - CACIB ICH. La Perla Bakarat - CACIB ICH. La Perla Bakarat - CACIB

After short relaxation I started with grooming of Perla for afternoon BOG finals, which was judged Mr. Lars Adeheimer from Switzerland. At big afternoon heat we came to the main ring, where duel for best terrier had wait for us. Perla showed herself with big pleasure, as though she knew that victory is close. First of all judge chose us to "top four" and then I heard judge as he say: "Yorkshire terrier took BOG". Big pleasure again :o) In this moment we knew that we get to home one day later because this time I didn't want to miss BEST IN SHOW. So we decided to stay in Leszno.

Next day forenoon had proceed exhibitions of other breeds so we had lot of time to relax. After lunch we moved to main ring where finals took place and I prepare Perla for best final - Best In Show competition.

Around 16 PM we entered best 10 dogs of the show. Judge was Mr. Karl Reisinger from Austria. After thorough scrutiny of all dogs he pronounced results. 3rd place took long-haired rabbit dachshund, 2nd was white standard poodle and then …….. judge slowly turned over and he point at our Perla. My heart stopped beat and I didn't see anything because my eyes were full of tears when I heard: "… and best dog of the Dogshow Leszno 2008 becomes Yorkshire Terrier!" It was incredible feeling to hold in my arms most beautiful from 2158 dogs of all show!!!! Immediately came running impatient pohotographers, reporter, even Leszno Television and all of them hurled many questions - from where comes this dog queen, from what kennel, from what country ….
ICH. La Perla Bakarat ICH. La Perla Bakarat  BIS competition BIS competition BIS competition
ICH. La Perla Bakarat - BIS ICH. La Perla Bakarat - BIS ICH. La Perla Bakarat - BIS ICH. La Perla Bakarat  - BIS ICH. La Perla Bakarat  - interview for TV Leszno
ICH. La Perla Bakarat  - BIS ICH. La Perla Bakarat  with her BIS and BOG trophies ICH. La Perla Bakarat  with her BIS and BOG trophies

In the end of my reportage I want to thank very much to all judges, my friend Dita Navratilova, which is big standby for me, my family and all of you, who sent me beautiful congratulations and both CZ Yorkshire clubs for congratulations through their web pages. I really appreciate it!!!

News 5/6/2008

On April 28, 2008 I went with my friend Dita to Opole in Poland where took place International Dogshow. I participated in this show for the third time. In the year 2006 won our Perla BOB, in 2007 BOB and BOG so this year she could not be missing. Entered 90 yorkshires judged by Mr. Roberto Schill from Romania. I presented my 4 dogs with those results:

Domingo Bakarat - junior class - Excellent 2 (competed 10 dogs).
Domingo Bakarat Domingo Bakarat

Valentino vom Woogthal - open class - Excellent 2 (competed 17 dogs).
Valentino vom Woogthal Valentino vom Woogthal

Female Prima Donna Nové Kasio - junior class - Excellent 4 in competition of 22 females at class.
Prima Donna Nové Kasio Prima Donna Nové Kasio

And our "Beauty" La Perla Bakarat won champion class - Exc. 1, CWC, CACIB, NDSwR, BOS.
ICH. La Perla Bakarat ICH. La Perla Bakarat ICH. La Perla Bakarat

* * * * * * * * * * *

Jelenia Gora - BOG competitionMay 18, 2008 Our next dogshow we visited was National Dogshow in Jelenia Gora (Poland). Together with me was there my friend Lenka Zemkova. Entered 24 yorkshires, judge Mrs. Elzbieta Chwalibog. This show, as most of polish shows, took place outdoor and weather was very very bad. All the time was raining fast, so you can imagine how yorkshires looked after walking on wet grass in the rain. But good temper did not leave us for all along show which we spent with our friends, married couple Matiks, owners of CH. Maryon Nové Kasio. Here are results of our dogs ………………

Junior class won our male Domingo Bakarat - Exc. 1, CAJC, Best Junior of Breed (NJwR) and finally he took second place in BIG competition.

Male Valentino vom Woogthal won open class - Exc. 1, CWC and completed Championship of Poland!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 15 months old female Prima Donna Nové Kasio competed at open class and got Excellent 3. I can not forget for success of female that comes out of our kennel CH. Maryon Nové Kasio, which took Exc. 1, CWC in champions class and by this polish championships started. Big congratulations to her owner Iveta.
Valentino a Domingo Valentino a Domingo

News 22/5/2008

On weekend of April 19-20, our male Valentino vom Woogthal went to far Slovenia, city Celje. There took place two International Dogshows. Valentino was handled there by professional handler Miss Veronika Bystrianska (CZ) and they were very successful. On Saturday judged Mrs. Annukka Paloheimo (FIN) and it was for Valentino us big success - he got Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB. On Sunday judged Mr. Michael Forte (GB) and Valentino got Exc. 1, CAC. Veronika, thank you very much for excellent results!!!
Valentino vom Woogthal Valentino vom Woogthal Valentino vom Woogthal

News 6/4/2008

28/3/2008 - after nearly two months relaxation I really looking forward for next show - International Show in Katowice (Poland). At this show was possible to obtain CRUFT'S 2009 qualification. At three o'clock AM we left our home - I, friends Dita Navratilova, Lenka Zemkova and our show yorkshires - 14 months old female Prima Donna Nove Kasio, male Valentino vom Woogthal and my "queen" ICH. La Perla Bakarat. After our arrive to exhibition ground we found out that all yorkshires classes are judged by Mr. Roberto Velez-Pico from Puerto Rico. There was huge competition, 98 yorkshires entry, therefrom many ones from top foreign kennels …………………

First I entered to open males class with Valentino vom Woogthal, which obtained excellent judgement where judge highlighted beautiful head and excellent tergal line. Valentino was chosen to top selection of six males and in the end he got Excellent 4th.
Valentino vom Woogthal Valentino vom Woogthal (on right)

At junior females class represented our kennel 14 months old Prima Donna Nove Kasio, daughter of our La Perla. In this class was biggest competition - entered 21 females. After long walking Prima Donna broke through to group of 8 best females and then judge chose us to first four and final decision for Prima - Excellent 2nd. I was very pleased and I thing that her mother Perla is proud too in her dog heart.
Prima Donna Nové Kasio - top selection Prima Donna Nové Kasio
Prima Donna Nové Kasio Prima Donna Nové Kasio Prima Donna Nové Kasio

And the best in the end, exactly champion females class, where our beautiful La Perla confirmed her qualities. There competed four very nice champion females. After static judgement and some rounds was decided, judge shake my hand with constatation that Perla is excellent. Perla's valuation - Excellent 1st, CWC.
ICH. La Perla Bakarat - CWC ICH. La Perla Bakarat - movement ICH. La Perla Bakarat - movement ICH. La Perla Bakarat - movement

After appreciation like that I had my heart in my neck and indescribable feelings! CACIB comparison follows, we run again and after while decision comes - Perla added next CACIB to her collection (with CRUFT'S qualification this time), NSwR. So we got to BOB final. Atmosphere is incredible. Judge and most of onlookers standing around ring applaud ….. after while judge point at Perla and placed BOB laber to the middle of ring ……………. Perla got BOB - Best Of Breed!!!!!
ICH. La Perla Bakarat - CACIB ICH. La Perla Bakarat - CACIB ICH. La Perla Bakarat - CACIB
ICH. La Perla Bakarat - BOB ICH. La Perla Bakarat - BOB

And then we moved to main platform where took place hard fight in FCI terriers group. Judge was Mr. Irving Ronnie from Great Britain. He properly checked teeth, hair structure and mainly movement. Out of big terriers group he chose our Perla between 6 best and in the end we got IIIrd BOG with unforgettable judge's words "this female is excellent".
ICH. La Perla Bakarat - III. BOG

I am very proud of my dogs because hold out in competition and judges like this is most beautiful award for me for daily work with my dogs. I must thank to all which did cheer for us, to those which wrote us nice e-mails with congratulations and my friends Dita and Lenka of course. Many thanks to all.

News 12/3/2008

We got some nice pictures of our offspring CH. Maryon Nové Kasio from her owner, our friend Iveta Matikova. Maryon is gravid and expects her first puppies :o)) Thank Iveta very much for sending pictures.
Maryon Nové Kasio Maryon Nové Kasio

News 7/2/2008

Valentino vom WoogthalFirst this year's show we visited took place in Glogow (PL) on January 25, 2008. It was National Show ant there were entered 48 yorkshires. Judge was Mr. Peter Wurgatsch from Germany, judge who judged our dogs first time. It was our Valentino vom Woogthal show!!! He competed in open males class with other 7 dogs. After static presentation he was chosen into 4 best males and after presentation in motion he got Excellent 1st, CWC! I was very delighted because of judge's words .... he asked me from where comes so nice male.

At open females class I showed our Cordoba Bakarat, which got Excellent 3.
Cordoba Bakarat

When judging all other classes ended final started. There competed intermediate males class winner, open males class - our Valentino and champion males class. All of that dogs was owned by czech owners. I was very surprised when judge shakes my hands and awards Valentino Best Male of Breed (NDPwR).
Valentino with judge Valentino vom Woogthal

In the end Valentino stood next to winner female. She fought BOB because of her riper look, so our Valentito got BOS!!!

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